Terms & Policies

Customer Cancellation Policy - Group Lessons

  • All cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the first lesson of the session.  Any cancellation made within 48 hours of the beginning of a session or after the session has begun is subject to a $15 cancellation fee per student per class.
  • After the 2nd lesson of the session, absolutely no monetary refunds will be issued. 
  • If you miss a lesson, no refund will be granted.  Plan your schedule accordingly.  

Make-Up Lessons

  • Make-up lessons take place only on Friday nights between 7:00pm and 8:30pm at the New Territory Ellis Creek Pool
  • Schedule a make-up lesson in the Customer Portal.  
  • We cannot guarantee the same instructor for a make-up lesson.  Make-up lessons will have no more than 3 students, and we will try our best to group students together who are of similar class levels, but this is not guaranteed.  
  • Swimmers are granted 1 free make-up lesson per session.  After that, make-up lessons are $10 per swimmer per make-up lesson.  Attendance is taken at make-up lessons in order to adhere to this policy.  
  • If the lesson cancels due to weather, you will receive a free make-up lesson.  A weather related make-up lesson does not count towards your 1 free make-up lesson per session.  It is up to you to schedule the make-up lesson.  You may schedule the free make-up for a Friday that is convenient for you.    

Appropriate Attire

  • All swimmers must be potty trained.  No swim diapers allowed during the lesson.  
  • Females should have their hair securely tied during the lesson. 
  • We recommend females to wear one-piece swimsuits.
  • We recommend males to wear the jammer style swimsuit.
  • All swimmers must bring goggles to the lesson.  We recommend Speedo Vanquishers that can be purchased at Lane 4 Swim Shop or Academy.  


  • Check your email for lesson cancellations due to weather.  We will send a mass email if lessons are cancelled due to weather.      
  • If Sugar Land Swim School cancels the lesson due to weather conditions, you will be granted a free make-up lesson.  Make-up lessons take place on Friday nights only at the New Territory Ellis Creek Pool.    
  • In the event of lightening or thunder during the lesson, the remainder of the lesson will be cancelled for safety reasons.
  • If more than 15 minutes of the lesson gets completed before the inclement weather strikes, you will not receive a free make-up lesson.

Pool Use

  • Only swimmers taking a swim lesson may be in the pool.
  • Once the lesson is over, all swimmers must exit the pool.  No exceptions.  
  • The slide at the Club Pool may not be used.  The diving boards may not be used at Anderson and/or Ellis Creek.  
  • The baby pools may not be used.   

Swim Lesson Cancellations

  • Sugar Land Swim School reserves the right to cancel a lesson based on the weather or any other reason. 


Email sugarlandswimschool@gmail.com